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My name is Ryan, and here is where I will be posting all the food I make, or eat.

The Hottest Peppers On Earth    ↘


A visual list of the world’s spiciest peppers, each with its own hotness rating.

I grew the moruga last summer :3





because i hate it when people post these without recipes, here are all of them. some of these aren’t EXACTLY the same, but they’re close enough to still be delicious.

triple layer brownie cake / cherry bliss brownie / chocolate truffle layer cake / snickers peanut butter brownie ice cream cake / surprise inside ice cream balls / chocolate filled cream puffs / brownie cookies / chocolate snickers cake / chocolate lasagna / double chocolate brownies

Give me now pls

why does this have to be on my dash when I’m pmsing


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The phrase “exciting holes” might speak to you in a way that’s not related to food. That’s ok. 

31 Eggs In Exciting Holes